All the documents you need in your practice are just a click away.

Keep patient records, smart prescriptions, terms, and veterinary reports always within your reach. Digitally sign everything and save it automatically to the pet’s profile.

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Benefits of Guiavet PRO

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Create your records directly in the animal's history, and don’t lose anything important.
No more dirty, lost, or crumpled papers: save on printing and paper document storage.
Save at least 20% of your work time by automatically saving, signing, and sending documents to pet owners.
Assinatura digital
The only one with a built-in qualified digital signature - no need to hire an extra digital certificate.

Explore Guiavet PRO's Features

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Health Records

Fill your patients’ health records during your appointments easily with pre-filled information sent by the pet owner in the Guiavet APP, automatic saving, and the option to follow up on previous appointments.

Medication Prescriptions

A smart prescription tool with drug interaction alerts and contraindications. You can create, digitally sign and send it to your cliente - with just a few clicks!

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laudos exames e documentos personalizados

Extra Documents Templates

Customize your reports, test results, and other documents with the option to include images and logos. You can also digitally sign it - no need for printing!

Digital Signature

You will get a digital signature certificate when you hire Guiavet so you can sign all your documents - no need to buy it from elsewhere! 

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