Organize your appointments with a customizable calendar.

Have full control of your schedules, including breaks between appointments, and automatically remind your clients of their visits.

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Veterinarian organizing his appointments in the Guiavet PRO calendar

Benefits of Guiavet PRO

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Complete the pet health records directly in the animal's profile, without losing anything - including important information and time!
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Have safe telemedicine appointments through a platform with automatic consent forms.
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Save 20% of your work time with automatic document registration, sending, and saving.
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The only one with built-in qualified digital signatures, without the need for additional expenses.

Explore Guiavet PRO's Features

Customized schedule and events

Customized Schedule

Create personalized schedules for each location you serve, and factor in your availability on the calendar.

Routine Organization

Register the average duration of each procedure you perform and the time you need in between appointments to go to your next client or preparation.

Organizating your routine
Pet owners reminders in Guiavet Pet app

Reminders for Pet Owners.

Automatically send reminders to pet owners via Guiavet Pet and WhatsApp.

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