Push, email and Whatsapp reminders

We’ll remind you about your pet's needs

We'll let you know by push and Whatsapp when your pet’s needs are coming up and again on the scheduled day! And you can even invite family members, clinics, veterinarians, and anyone responsible for your pet's health to also receive notices to ensure that everything is done, and on time!

Communication channel

You create a direct communication channel with your trusted veterinarian and monitor your pet's health.

Keep a health history of consultations and treatments and share fluctuations in your pet's well-being with whomever you want, whenever you need to.

Alerts and reminders on important dates

It's automatic and free

Our platform understands the protocols and product information: when you insert your data, we automatically notify you of all dates, including vaccines, reinforcements, parasite control, and more. Just fill in the product information and the date, and we’ll take care of the rest!